Mission ...

  To give all information regarding knitting industry.

To protect, make perfect and promote the industry.

  To give supportive assistance to the exporters and to increase our exports.

  To develop and keep relationship and harmony with alike associations and to improve   
      the   textile industry.

  To stabilize the knitting charges.

  To develop our efficiency, improve the quality and increase our productivity by sharing    
      the new technical suggestions.

  To develop Co-operation with ourselves and have new technical knowledge.

  To identify the harmfulness  of our industry and prevent the defaults.

  To implement safety aspects in our business and at our business place.


The SIIMKA has been established for the above main objectives. Therefore all persons who have Imported circular

knitting machines or Flat knitting machines please, join SIIMKA Co- operate and participate in its activities.




Quick Contact:  Phone: (+91)-421-2209142, Mobile: (+91)-97919-03203 : :Email:  info@siimka.com